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Pruning of fruit trees in winter. Features and tips.


The key to a good crop of fruit trees is regular and proper care of them. One of these events is the annual cleaning of fruit trees from old and dead branches. Such manipulation is important to spend annually on the eve of cold weather to increase productivity and prevent diseases. If you don’t have time to hold the trim in the fall do not worry. Trim the tree in winter transfer even better than autumn. 

Features of winter pruning

The main thing is to choose the right temperature. When too large Frost branches become very brittle. Ideal air temperature should be up to-5 ° C.

First we need to decide on the purpose of the planned manipulation over the inhabitants. They can be different: from the desire to increase fertility of individual trees and eliminate the remnants of dead branches to the correct adjustment of the Crown of the plant or the recovery of shoots.

If the prìoritetì is worth raising yields of fruit trees, pruning in winter is better suited to achieve these goals.

Novice gardeners should take into account that there is a sequence in which it is necessary to carry out pruning trees, left for the winter. First your attention require Apple and pear, quince and Rowan (zernâtkovì rocks). This is due to the timing of their awakening from winter dormancy period.

After go cherry and black cherry, Plum, and apricot (stone). What branches need to go under the knife? First of all, zvìl′nâêmo tree from nadlomlenih and uniquely dry branches (you can notice in advance of the fall). Similarly you will need to remove all the large branches that are growing in the wrong direction: the inside of the Crown or clearly down/up-good from them. And here’s the branch that grows from the Center to the edge in a horizontal position, gets the right to life.

Work saw safely, cut immediately to place fork, leaving unnecessary grinders. They have you do not prigodât′sâ. When you reach the thin branches all growing up and down, also you will need to remove the secateurs. In the heavily developed annual shoots, which were already buds length need to be truncated in half, and less developed-about 1/3.

In winter you will be easy to properly form a Crown, old dry leaves long ago took the wind, and the new time is still rife.

Saying goodbye to the unnecessary, in your opinion, branches, do not forget that some trees manage to turn in record time with a fairly low plants in Garden real skyscraper. And on top of this giant harvest will shoot is not you, and feathered guests. For example, this focus can show your favorite young cherries, so you need to prideržuvatisâ rules cutting sour.

Pruning of fruit in winter. If you want to zamazuvati sections?

This is the most common question is whether you want to zamazuvati place the cut branches? In this regard, there are various opinions, and there are diametrically opposed. After analyzing all the tips come to the conclusion that, as the wound in the man village, still need to decorate too. This accepted use of garden var or oil paint. Zamazuvati can you not all straight sections, but only those that are more than 2 cm in diameter. 

By the way, var can not only buy at the market or store that specializes in products for the garden, but to Cook yourself.

Recipes there is a huge lot. Here’s one of them: we take 200 g of wax 250 gr solìdolu and 50 GR of pine resin. They need to warm up, and then mix in a homogeneous mass.

In conclusion, I want to add that, as in any business, you need to pay due attention to the preparation tool to work. Hacksaw, secateurs or sučkorìz must be perfectly sharpened-and you easier and more convenient, and the wood is not so traumatic. Besides do not forget znezaražuvati Gardening Tools.

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